SAMCROconfessions will be back this summer.

After we get more information regarding guest stars/new regulars/filming. Thanks for your patience. 

Anonymous said: hi mod. you ok? kinda worried about ya. probably just me being dumb. if your sick i hope you feel better soon. if youre just bored of the mysogyny that's cool too! i hope you get back when they quit that.

I’m doing okay! Taking a small break to focus on other stuff, should be back soon. Thank you for the concern! 

Anonymous said: Not a confession, just a question: do you do the confessions in the order they're submitted or do you pick them randomly?

TBH, I mostly do them according to how productive I feel and the ease with which I can find a screencap. Sometimes I start on page 6 of my asks, sometimes I start on page 1 - it’s pretty random.