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  2. real-gurl said: but what made her different from the Sons? she was a master manipulator who stopped at nothing to further her career, like getting Donna killed and shooting her own partner(and lover) to cover her own ass.
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    Like murdering her partner to cover up her other murder? Shouldn’t come as a shock though……the character Stahl is the...
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  5. northern-might said: Really? Me personally I hate stahl the actor in every sense. She’s so bitchy and she buries so many to get to the top.
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  7. wizardofthewilds said: Stahl was out of control, but as much as I was dying to see her character die, I have to agree. Stahl was killer in comparison to Pope and Romeo. She was way more interesting and a character I feel, was loved to be hated.
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    lol. but seriously she was a bad ass.
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